Traditional Therapy

What to Expect

A Traditional Massage is a combination of Acupressure (gentle pressure with palms, foot and fingers on the energy lines "sen lines") and Yogic Stretching.  Treatments can be done on a chair (short sessions), table/floor (long sessions).



The Sun shine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2005The Sun shine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2005

 According to Western Medicine there are 32,000 diseases. According to Eastern Medicine there is only one. Blocked Energy!

A Traditional Massage can help people suffering from: Physical Stress: Back pain, Shoulder stiffness, Knee pain, Headache, Neck pain, Chest pain, Digestive problems, Flu, Sore Throat, Joint problems/pain, Redness or swelling of the eyes, Sinus problems and Ear problems. Mental Stress: Anxiety, Depression, Emoional Instability, Lack of Sleep



As a guideline not a rule, A treatment is usually repeated once each week the first month. In the long run and as the body heals and recovers, one treatment every 14 days is enough. Repeating a Treatment will eventually free the body from blocked energy points/lines. Initially, the healing effect of the treatment last a few days to a week, but as the treatment is repeated, the effect increases to several weeks.


Blocks occur due to stress, emotional and mental problems, we burry these unresolved isseus in our subconscious mind. These problems eventually transform and manifest as physical pain in certian areas of the body. The blocks prevent the free flow of energy, (the Chinese call it Chi (known in India as Prana) also known as "Ka" in Ancient Egypt.) 



During the treatment, silence is observed. Some people experienced a meditative state of mind that intensified at the end of the session. Every touch can release tension and leave a hypnotizing effect. Life seems to slow down. The mind becomes sharper as our awarness level rises. The more treatments, the longer the effect lasts. The body is being liberated from emotional and mental blocks that have been buried for years. 


Coral Coast Hotel, Dahab, Sinai, EgyptCoral Coast Hotel, Dahab, Sinai, EgyptPrice List:

15 Min --> EUR15 

30 Min --> EUR25

60 Min --> EUR35 

90 Min --> EUR45