Free Diving

FREEdiving is any activity performed underwater while holding your breath. What we offer is how to freedive more relaxed, improve your dive time/depth and fine tune your technique. When & Where: Our courses/training are in Dahab, South Sinai, each year in January, April and October/November. 

  Free Dive Training

 We offer Freedive training for half/full day. Max. number of divers for one buoy is four.The price is excluding equipment rental. Our training takes place at the Lighthouse or at the Eel Garden/Laguna (Depends on the wind).

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Price Per Diver in Euro

1 session

 2 sessions






2 Divers




3 or more Divers









Equipment Rental

Buoy: 20 Euro per day

Wetsuite: 3-5 Euro per day

Fins: 3-5 Euro per day

Mask & Snorkle: 3-5 Euro per day

Belt without weights: 2 Euro per day


 FreeDiving Courses


 A-Freediver Beginner Course:

This course is for people who have no or little experience in freediving and want to feel more comfortable in the water. We will improve your breathing and kicking techniques. Most student end this course with a new personal best. The Freediver course lasts 2 days and is divided in 2 theory lessons and 2 pool & 4 open water sessions. Depth Limit: 15-20M.

First Day

Theory (morning)
*Disciplines & Equipment.
*Duck-dives & Kicking Technique
*Breathing excercise (4 section breathing technique)
*Recovery breathing
*Hydration and Nutrition

Water (afternoon)
*Breathing excercise
*Duck-dives & Dives with a line
*Constant weight and Free immersion dives
*Dives (max.10 meters)

 Second Day

Theory (morning)
*Safety System
*Meditation(Calming and Visualization Mind Set) & Breathing (Aniloma Viloma)

Water (afternoon)
*Warm up dives
*Buddy Safety System
*Assist a shallow water black out
*Dives (max. 15 meters)

 Price 110 EUR per person

 B-Advanced Course

This course is made for those who have some experience in freediving and want to go beyond 15M. The course runs over 3 days will learn more in-depth breathing and energy saving techniques. Relaxation and meditation plays a big part in this course. The Advanced Course lasts 3 days and is divided in 3 theory/academic lessons and 3 pool & 6 open water sessions. Depth Limit: 30-40M.

First Day 

Theory (morning)
*Mammalian Diving Reflex (MDR)
*Warming up 
*Breathing Techniques
*Breath hold (Dry Static)
*Tables & Apnea walks.

Water (afternoon)
*Static Apnea. Minimum 3 minutes breath hold 

 Second Day
Theory (morning)
*Advanced breathing techniques
*Pre-dive breathing pattern (breathe up)
*Warm up routine
*Exhale dives

Water (afternoon)
*Warming up and preparation
*Exhale dives

 Third Day
Theory (morning)
*Feedback *Deep Diving Steps/Stages
*Visualization *Packing Technique *Frenzel equalization

Water (afternoon)
*Stretching and breathing exercises on the boat
*Preparation. Facial Immersion (MDR). NPSD (Negative Pressure Static Dives)
*2 Exhale dives
*Deep dives (Depth Limit: 30M)

 Price 200 Euro  per person